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Tips for Businesses/Industries
There are a number of voluntary actions businesses and organizations can take on Ozone Action Days to reduce emissions and help prevent high ozone levels and related health problems. By following some of these simple steps, you will help our region's air quality.

  • Keep employees aware of the Ozone Action effort.
    • Use e-mail to alert employees about Ozone Action Days.
    • Include articles about Ozone Action in employee newsletters or with paychecks.
    • Post announcements of Ozone Action Days at prominent locations and encourage employees to follow the tips for reducing ground-level ozone.
    • Use Intranets and closed-circuit television to list Ozone Action tips.
  • Reschedule discretionary activities wherever possible, including lawn maintenance (if gasoline-powered equipment is used) or paving.
  • Conserve energy by turning thermostats up a notch or two. And turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Reduce or eliminate idling, especially of 18-wheelers and other large vehicles.
  • Make Ozone Action Days casual dress days as an incentive for employees to practice Ozone Actions.
  • Sponsor Brown Bag Lunch Programs on Ozone Action Days to encourage employees to eat in.
  • As you replace vehicles, buy lower emitting vehicles, or better yet, alternative fuel vehicles, for your fleet.
  • Reduce the number of cars on the road during rush hour by re-arranging work schedules using flex time, compressed work weeks, or telecommuting. Communicate by conference calls instead of driving to meetings.
  • Encourage carpools, vanpools, public transportation and the use of bicycles among employees on Ozone Action Days.

  • If you have boilers, you may be able to adjust the operation to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Tips for Individuals
Without even realizing it, we all help create ozone - and we can all do our share to prevent it. By taking simple, voluntary actions, you can help keep the air clean and healthy to breathe. The best part is that everyone acting together can make a big difference. Here are some things that can help on Ozone Action Days and everyday:

In Your Car

  • Limit your daytime driving. 

  • Consider a car pool or ride the bus to work. 

  • For short trips and errands, think about riding your bike or walking.  

  • When you drive, try to minimize "cold starts" by combining trips and errands so the catalytic converter on your vehicle remains warm. Most vehicle emissions occur in the first few minutes of engine operation, when the converter is cold and inefficient. 

  • Reduce unnecessary engine idling by parking your automobile and walking into a building rather than using the drive-through lane. 

  • Maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer's engine tune-up and emission control standards. The emissions from one poorly-maintained car equal those from 25 properly-functioning cars!

Around Your House

  • Postpone mowing your lawn with gas-powered mowers until evening. Or better yet, relax and mow another day! Or use an electric-powered or push mower. 
  • Conserve electricity. 
  • Don't overcool your home, and turn off lights and appliances that aren't in use. 
  • Wash clothes and dishes with full loads. Energy conservation not only helps the environment but saves you money as well. 
  • Avoid using charcoal lighter fluid when grilling. 
  • Try new ways of starting up your grill, such as a charcoal chimney. Or use an electric or gas grill.



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